List of Individuals

A list of individuals to research. Feel free to add, subtract, change.

Robert Neuwirth

Author “Shadow Citites”
Shantytown researcher

Cameron Sinclair

Architecture for Humanity

C.K. Prahalad

– – – U N R E L A T E D – – –

Majora Carter

Environmental Justice

Alex Steffen

Writer / Journalist

Futurist / Environmentalist / Social Activist

William McDonough

American Architect
Cradle to Cradle
Human Rights

Walter Hood

American Landscape Architect
Social Justice
Low-Income Installations

James Howard Kunstler

“The Geography of Nowhere”
“The Long Emergency”
Critic of sprawl

Thom Mayne

Architect – Morphosis
Redefining Architecture

Edward Burtynsky

Photographer – Manufactured Landscapes
Joshua Prince-Ramus

Architect – REX

David Rockwell

Architect – The Rockwell Group
Writer “Spectacle” “Pleasure”


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