List of Organizations

A list of organizations to research. Feel free to add or subtract.

UN-Habitat Best Practices Databaseover 2,650 proven solutions from more than 140 countries to the common social, economic and environmental problems of an urbanizing world.

International Housing Coalition – Housing For All **Published Papers**

Homeless International – from slums to equitable cities 

The Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centers (SPARC)
housing and infrastructure issues for the urban poor in India.

Shack / Slum Dwellers International

Abahlali baseMjondolo – the South African shackdwellers’ movement

The Asian Coalition for Housing Rights – a regional network of grassroots community organizations,
NGO’s and professionals actively involved with urban poor development processes in Asian cities.

Urban Upgrading – promote awareness of the critical problem of providing basic services to the rapidly increasing urban poor. A resource for practitioners.

Design for the other 90%

International Development Enterprises – helping poor farmers in developing countries escape poverty

The 1% Solution – connecting architects with NGO’s; all projects in US

Architects / Designers / Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR)

Architecture for Humanity

Architects without Borders

Association for Community Design

Design Corps – arch services to those underserviced; US projects

Rural Studio
Nonprofit Organization for Philanthropic Architecture, Urban, Ecological Design

Michael Sorkin President/ Founder , Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D. Executive Director,
Makoto Okazaki, Maria Aiolova, Yanqing Sun, Ph.D., Andrei Vovk
“Manhattan 300 years into the future”


4 responses to “List of Organizations

  1. Looks like some of these links to the websites are not working.
    Who added the International Development Enterprises?

  2. I’ve fixed these, but future fyi: When you add a link, it just reads as text. You have to “link” the link. Highlight the text of the link, copy it, hit the link button in the formatting bar, paste the text and change the target to “open in a new window”.

  3. My formatting bar actually appears as css text so I cannot do any formatting. I have talked to tech support but cannot fix it, so there may be a repetative issue with this.

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