Proposed Structure to Move Forward

-SOCIAL | Entrepreneurship WORK
1- Case Studies of firms that have split to form a non-profit
2- Other Designers and entrepreneurs that have found ways to design, manufacture, and sell products to the poorest people in the world
3- Architecture for Humanity’s Open Architecture Network, how does it work with current legal and best-practice models?
4- Profitability Models.

NOTES: India, Brazil and X country.  that share information.

1- Case Studies (UN, UA)
2- Technologies that can allow easier communication
3- Local vs. Global issues
4- Training Managing collaborative systems

To create a framework for practice, including technical, and economic models that would allow for a collaborative system to take care of emerging markets and consumers of design. We can talk to Design Corps, Architecture for Humanity, or any such organization to see if we can begin to test out the model.


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