SUPERFLEX is an interesting collaborative case study. They are a Danish artist cooperative and social activist group, bridging the body of their work between the gallery and “on-site” installations.  Some of their work is limited to traditional art media (sculpture, video, graphics, etc.), whereas other pieces are performative on-site installations, such as the SUPERGAS example you see above.  For SUPERGAS, Superflex installed a series of biogas generators in remote villages in Cambodia and Tanzania, where the occupants have no access to natural gas resources.  The art-piece is actually a biogas generator, using cow manure as the input, with gas and compost as the outputs.

For our purposes, Superflex might be an interesting model because they operate in both the 10% and 90% worlds we’ve been discussing.  They are also using their skills as designers for implementing objects of strategic performance; in other words, their designs are actually doing something, in addition to conveying a consistent aesthetic.


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