CLIFF is a facility that has been designed to provide loan finance for slum development projects that are implemented by the urban poor, and which have the potential to influence policy and practice that in turn can lead to a scaling-up in the provision of suitable housing and related infrastructure for the urban poor.

The CLIFF concept emerged from a DFID-funded research project – Bridging the Finance Gap in Housing and Infrastructure – conducted by Homeless International in collaboration with local partner organizations in a number of countries.

The CLIFF project is expected to: 1) develop a finance facility (CLIFF) to assist organizations of the urban poor to carry out successful community-driven infrastructure, housing and urban services projects at city level, in conjunction with municipalities and the private sector; 2) Develop a sustainable finance facility (CLIFF1) in India to continue providing specialist financial services to the urban poor after the end of project funding 3) Develop a sustainable in-country finance vehicle (CLIFF2) in at least one other country (if further funds can be raised) to replicate the concept in a different institutional setting and to benefit additional communities/cities.

CLIFF is co-ordinated internationally by Homeless International, and currently implemented at the local level by two indigenous CBO-NGO alliances – the Indian Alliance and the Kenyan Alliance.

The direct funding inputs for CLIFF (to date) are DFID (£6.84m), Sida (20m Krona, £1.5m approx.),The Homeless International Guarantee Fund (£0.6m), Local revolving loan funds owned by SPARC and Nirman (approximating £1.2 million in India and £0.5 million in Kenya). These funds flow through the World Bank’s Cities Alliance program, which administers the facility on behalf of the donors.

Thanks to Ryan for pointing this out.

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