Slum Rehabilition Authority – Mumbai

Large-scale government coordinated efforts (led by Mumbai’s Slum Rehabilitation Authority) are taking place in Mumbai to rehouse the vast population of slum inhabitants. The process is largely market-driven with government authorities selling land occupied by slums to developers for private development. Because of density pressures in Mumbai, this land has incredible value to private enterprises. In exchange for he land’s development rights, developers are required to provide new housing to existing inhabitants, while the remainder of the site is open to private market-driven use. Not surprisingly, this process is often plagued by corruption and unfulfilled promises, but the existence of a formal mechanism for addressing slums locally is worth our attention. More after the break…

The Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) was established on December 15th, 1995, to serve as the planning authority for all slum areas in Greater Mumbai and to facilitate the rehabilitation schemes. SRA’s responsibilities are: to survey and review the existing position regarding slum areas in greater Mumbai; to formulate schemes for the rehabilitation of slum areas; to get the slum rehabilitation schemes implemented; to do all other such acts and things as may be necessary for achieving the objective of rehabilitation of slums.

The objective of SRA’s Slum Rehabilitation Scheme is to not only redevelop, but also rehabilitate the slum and its inhabitants. Through the scheme, rehabilitation flats are built free of cost to the slum dweller by cross-subsidisation provided by free-sale flats. Developers are allowed to construct sale flats on slum land, whether it is government or private land, in exchange for the construction of flats for slum dwellers.

This article provides a slum dweller’s perspective on SRA’s initiatives.

And more interestingly, a memo regarding the transition from ‘informal settlements’ to ‘formalized city.’ Post-war Tokyo is seen as a precedent.

This memo attempts to show that from a slum, Tokyo incrementally developed to become the future city” that we know today. Slum-type urbanism is a legitimate form of urban development characterized by the primacy of “lived” space over “conceived” space.

The memo regards the redevelopment of Dharavi, a slum of 1 million people in Mumbai. Described as a ‘Boomtown’, major efforts are underway to suture the slum land and inhabitants into the formal space and economy of the city.

The site is being sold to private development interests at a price of $2.3 billion dollars. In exchange for reurbanizing the 230 acres (according to specific gov’t guidelines) the developers must rehouse the 57,000 families currently residing in Dharavi. Here is a good introduction, Blueprint for a New Dharavi. Googling it will lead you to hordes of information/articles. I’m writing a follow-up post to think through how we may be able to use Mumbai, the SRA, and Dharavi as part of our research and proposal.

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  1. Thanks for citing the memo, but your link points to the cover letter. The memo is available for download here:
    More on the Tokyo model here:

  2. hi my name is ganesh. i want to buy sra system is possible to buy. please reply me.

  3. Dear sir
    I am going to Purchase SRA flat 225Sf
    Kinndly guide if any legal / Transfer problems
    Thanking You,

  4. Nice piece of text I must say. Is it oke for me to make a translation in Dutch with a obvious link to this article?

  5. I Kamlesh nayak i am leaving at dhanjiwadi malad(e),my telephone 9702726399 my problem is we are all the member about 1600 member of dhanjiwadi chawl’s group of is 8 acre 35 guntha’s our socy is firm in 1986 .and we purchase the land from m/s F E DINSHAW TRUST in 1987 around the 700000 rupees and we all the given 1250 rupees to the socy.and we all the malik of 5 shres of dhanjiwadi’s same time our society’s commitee member is appoint the builder the name is M/S NEELYOG CONSTUUCTION CO PVT LTD (YOGESH MEHTA)TO DEVLOP the said society .YOGESH MEHTA & OUR SOCIETY made agreement in 1993 to devlop dhanjiwadi SRD SCHEME which is given 100 feet room–210 caarpet flat,150 to 200feet room–245 area of the flat.and he broken one chawl in 1993 .( sorry muje english nahi aata to ab me hindi likunga please).yogesh mehta ne us samay total 48 chali thi 1 chali me 40 room ho to usne 55 room dikhaya tha aise usne sabhi chali me se original room count na karke jyada jyada room dikha kar apni rajya sasan ka nuksaan hai. ye sabhi karya me uske saath hamare society k chairman MR lalit bhatt,halimani, tiwari,narayan mistry,ratilal solanki,mahendra wala,madhukant mehta, ye sabhi log yogesh mehta k milke ye kaam kiya tha.dhanjiwadi me aaj ye aadmi (yogesh mehta) abhi ye scheme ko jyada f s i mile uske liye annexture ke saath mhada ke kai officer k saath milke bahut gotala kar raha hai yogesh mehta ne dhanjiwadi me aaj tak na to koi transit camp banaye hai na to nai building me paani aaya hai na to gutter banaye aur usne dhanjiwadi me jo 9 bavdi thi use bhi bandh kar di koi room ki rukavat aati hai to woh use 33/38 ki notice bhijwata hai aur uski room konse power se tod k apna kaam aage badhata hai baat to bahut kahni hai aapse main to aap ko janta nahi par hamare hindustaan me 1000 saalose kahte hi ki paap ka gadha jab bhar jaye to ek din fut jaata hai koi to dhanjiwadi aao aur hamari samasya suno aur use nyay to dilao aapko bhagwaan sadbuddhi de

  6. can anyone give me the address of slums in mumbai…..need it badly

  7. what benifits do owners of privete land get in the SRA scheme.

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