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case studies

Dan – Havana & Lima
Ryan – Zyrek & Philippines
Julia – Kibera & Thailand
Quillian – Mexico City & Dhaka City
Noel – Rio de Janeiro & Darava (Mumbai)
Josh – Newark & Soweto (Johannasburg)


Local:Global Organizations

Local : Global Networks

The urban population has been rising for decades. Within this, the population of urban slums have been rising exponentially. Without land ownership, these citizens’ rights are limited or even obsolete. With their power in numbers, they have begun to organize.

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Slum Dwellers International

The National Slum Dwellers Federation (NSDF) in India was established by Jockin Arputham when he fought on behalf of a community of 70,000 to appeal a 1976 eviction order. In the 1980s NSDF formed an alliance with Mahila Milan and SPARC, and this alliance became the basis for establishing Slum Dwellers International in 1996.


In the category of financing, we should definitely look into the Grameen Bank, probably the most successful microlending institution in the world.  It was founded by economist Muhammad Yunus, who won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.  He started the Grameen Foundation, which “combines the power of microfinance, technology and innovative solutions<!––> to defeat global poverty.”  The loans are often used to help women in undeveloped nations start small businesses.  Though the loans tend to not be related to design and community development, there may be a framework there to study.

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List of Organizations

A list of organizations to research. Feel free to add or subtract.

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List of Individuals

A list of individuals to research. Feel free to add, subtract, change.

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